Container Vessels Collide in Strait of Johor

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Two container vessels collided off Pasir Gudang Port in Johor, Malaysia, resulting in an oil spill. There was a collision between Singapore-registered container vessel Wan Hai 301 and Gibraltar-registered container vessel APL Denver.

Singapore Marine Port Authority has deployed four anti-pollution crafts on site and an oil boom around the vessel to contain the oil spill.

In Singapore, some oil patches were spotted and the spillage has been contained off the western side of Pulau Ubin.

300 tonnes of oil spilled into the narrow strait separating Singapore and Malaysia.

The Malaysia–Singapore border is an international maritime border between the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, which lies to the north of the border, and Singapore to the south.

The boundary is to a large extent formed by straight lines between maritime geographical coordinates running along or near the deepest channel of the Straits of Johor.

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