First Baby with Mitochondrial Donation Born

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Baby was born using a new “three person” fertility technique in Mexico.

Using the new technology, called mitochondrial donation, which incorporates DNA from three persons, the baby was born on April 6, 2016.

Team of doctors used a method called spindle nuclear transfer, and removed the nucleus from one of the eggs of the mother and inserted it into a donor egg that had its own nucleus removed.

The resulting egg — with nuclear DNA from the mother and mitochondrial DNA from a donor — was then fertilised with the father’s sperm.

Using this approach, they created five embryos, out of which one developed normally. This embryo was then implanted in the mother and the child was born nine months later.

As the method has not been approved in the US, couple went to Mexico instead, where he says “there are no rules” and insisted that doing so was right.

This method is legally approved in Britain in February 2015.

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