Haritha Keralam Mission Launched

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Kerala government has launched Haritha Keralam mission, a development initiative of the State government.

The government aims to reclaim the lost agriculture heritage of the state through the scheme.

The multidimensional development project focuses on sanitation, water conservation, environmental protection, and paddy cultivation.

The government will take the initiative to bring the developments happening in the Kerala Agricultural University labs to the farmers.

As part of the scheme, the government will conduct a survey covering 60 lakh houses, to collect data about existing waste management systems in the state.

The government plans to revive water resources like ponds, rivers, lakes and streams.

Cultivable land to be increased as part of the scheme.

In the second phase, the aim should be to clean up all rivers and water bodies. Planting of trees is another important goal. There should be ‘haritha’ villages and ‘haritha’ campuses.

Power generation from solar and wind energy would also be a part of this project.

The mission envisages a clean and green state through waste management, organic farming and conservation of water resources with people’s support.

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