IAS Prelims 2020: How to Crack it safely?

IAS Preliminary exam 2020 is the most awaited UPSC exam by the Indian Youth. Before migrating to private sector, Indian youth tries his/her luck to crack the civil services exam. It is during the graduation, that most of guys becomes aware of IAS Exam. Those who are serious starts their preparation of this IAS exam. Some of them starts with self-study, while others goes to attend coaching classes.

Those who want to spend life in corridors of power, joining IAS or IPS is the best option. You just need to crack UPSC Civil services exam 2020. However qualifying this exam is not easy as lakhs of persons appear in this exam, making the exam: the most competitive in India.


IAS Prelims 2020

The most recent exam that is approaching is the UPSC Prelims 2020 or IAS Preliminary Exam 2020. Candidates who wish to join the IPS or IAS or other Group-I Civil Services should apply for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020. There will be three parts of this exam: Prelims, Mains and Personality Test. (Of course Medical Test is also conducted simultaneously with Personality Test in Government Hospital in Delhi).

You need to clear every stage of this exam, in order to join your preferred civil service. Here, we will focus more on the method to clear IAS Prelims 2020. This is the most competitive stage. It means, that competition in Prelims exam is much more than MAINS and Interview.

Current Affairs IAS Prelims 2020

All the doors to join IAS is closed for those who fails to qualify this prelims exam. Therefore most efforts should be given on PRELIMS. But candidates goes by the fact that MAINS exam is more important as its marks are counted in merit list, therefore, they spend most of their time in preparing for IAS MAINS exam. And during that process, their preparation got compromised with PRELIMS EXAM preparation. Hence they fails to qualify this Preliminary Exam not even in first but again in their subsequent stages.

Therefore, comprehensive and focussed study is indispensable for IAS Prelims exam.

Now-a-days, there is a another trend going on that is making candidates repeatedly fail in Prelims. Instead to reading and understanding the topics, IAS aspirants are now focussing too-much on mock test series. Their conception is that, if they will solve the maximum numbers of mock tests for prelims, they will easily qualify it. But that is actually not a reality. You have to read comprehensively with multiple revisions in order to crack IAS Prelims 2020.

Crack IAS PRELIMS 2020

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Current Affairs for IAS Exam