India-Armenia MoU in Cooperation on Youth Matters

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was apprised about an Memorandum of Understanding which has already been signed between India and Armenia for cooperation on youth matters.

The MoU was signed in April, 2017. This MoU shall remain in force for a period of five years. Thereafter, the MoU will be automatically renewed for successive periods of five years, unless either Party notifies the other Party of its intention of not to renew the MoU, at least six months before its expiration.

It can be terminated by either Party after giving six months’ prior notice in writing to the other Party.

The objective of the MoU is to strengthen and encourage cooperation between the two countries on youth matters through participation in events and activities organized by the parties, information and knowledge sharing, and youth exchanges between the two countries.

The areas of cooperation on Youth matters includes exchanges of youth, representatives of youth organizations, and government officials in-charge of youth policy-making.

It will also be applicable for extension of invitations to international conferences and seminars on youth matters held in the two countries, exchange of printed materials, films and experiences.

The cooperation will also be in areas of research and other information on youth matters, participation in youth camps, youth festivals and other youth events held in the two countries, etc.

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