Los Angeles World’s Most Traffic-Clogged City

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INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard analyzes and ranks the impact of traffic congestion in 1,064 cities across 38 countries worldwide – the largest ever study of its kind.

Los Angeles tops the list of the world’s most gridlocked cities, with drivers spending 104 hours in congestion in 2016 during peak time periods, followed by Moscow (91 hours), New York (89 hours), San Francisco (83 hours) and Bogota (80 hours).

The U.S. accounted for 11 of the top 25 cities worldwide with the worst traffic congestion.

The Cross Bronx Expressway in New York tops the list of worst corridors, with the average driver wasting 86 hours per year.

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Interestingly, both New York and San Francisco, the second- and third-ranked cities in North America (89 and 83 peak hours spent in congestion respectively), have a similar average congestion rate (13 percent) as Los Angeles, but show strikingly different traffic patterns during various parts of the day. For example, New York City has the highest daytime congestion on arterials and city streets, while San Francisco holds the top spot at peak times.

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