PM Presents Agenda to Counter Terrorism

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Leaders of the G20 countries representing two-thirds of the world’s population met in Germany’s Hamburg to discuss the important issues like terrorism, sustainable development, climate change etc.

The main agenda of this 2-day conference is ‘Theme Shaping an inter-connected world’.

World leaders debated issues ranging from global trade to terrorism. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed G20 plan of action to counter global terrorism. He also presented a 10-point agenda to counter the menace.


• Deterrent action against nations supporting terrorism must be made compulsory, such nations should be barred from G20

• G20 nations must exchange lists of suspected terrorists and their supporters

• Legal processes such extradition should be simplified and expedited

• Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism should be adopted soon

• UNSC resolutions and other international processes should be effectively implemented

• G20 nations should give emphasis to de-radicalisation programmes and exchange best practices

• Terror financing should be curtailed by means of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other means

• Weapons and Explosive Action Task Force (WEATF) should be constituted on lines of FATF so that source of weapons to the terrorists is stopped

• G20 nations should cooperate in cyber security, with a focus on terrorist activities

• National Security Advisors on Counter Terrorism mechanism should be constituted.

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