Three New Frogs Species Found in Peru

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Three tiny species of frogs of grape size have been found in the forests of Peru. They were discovered by scientists Dr Edgar Lehr from Illinois Wesleyan University and his colleagues.

It raises the total to 95 new species that Dr Lehr and co-authors have found in Peru, Ecuador and Vietnam.

The frog species bear the name of the Pui Pui park, the mountain-forest habitat in the park, and a renowned naturalist-explorer.

All three species measure an inch (2.5cm) or less in length.

They belong to the genus Pristimantis, the most diverse genus of frogs in the tropical Andes, and are part of the family Craugastoridae, commonly known as land-breeding or terrestrial-breeding frogs.

About 70 per cent of the protected forest is covered by Andean grasslands, and about 30 per cent is cloud forest.

The fleshbelly frog is formally described as Pristimantis attenboroughi, while commonly it is to be referred to as the Attenborough’s Rubber Frog.

The adult males reach sizes of 14.6 to 19.2mms in length, while the females are larger measuring between 19.2 and 23mms.

Their ground colour ranges from pale to dark gray, or reddish brown to brownish olive with dark gray scattered flecks.

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