US and Jordan Signs 4 Agreements

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USA and Jordan signed four grant agreements under which the US will provide 786.8 million US dollars for 2016 to Jordan for various projects.

This aid will help support Jordan’s budget and reduce pressure caused by some 1.4 million Syrian refugees in Jordan displaced by war.

Around 100 million dollars will be dedicated to support the Red-Dead Canal project, a major water project that seeks to make available fresh water in Jordan and help protect the shrinking Dead Sea.

The grants will also be allocated to fund projects in the fields including health, education, environment, rule of law and governance.

Of the total grants, 479 million dollars will be transferred in cash to Jordan before the end of the year.

Moreover, the US provided a 463 million dollars’ military aid to Jordan in 2016, bringing the total of economic and military aid to over 1.2 billion dollars.

Relations between the U.S. and Jordan have been close for over four decades.

U.S. policy seeks to reinforce Jordan’s commitment to peace, stability, and moderation.

The peace process and Jordan’s opposition to terrorism parallel and indirectly assist wider U.S. interests.

Accordingly, through economic and military assistance and through close political cooperation, the United States has helped Jordan maintain its stability and prosperity.

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