Wheat Procurement Statewise List

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In the conference of the Food Secretaries of the States held under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Preeti Sudan, Secretary, the Department of Food & Public Distribution, Government of India, the prospects of production of wheat and procurement estimate for Rabi Marketing Season (RMS) 2017-18 were discussed.

In consultation with the States, it was decided to procure 330.00 lakh MT of wheat during RMS 2017-18, which is considerably more in comparison with the last season actual procurement of 229.61 lakh MT.

The State-wise break-up of the estimate of wheat procurement during RMS 2017-18 is as follows: 

Sl. No. State Estimate for Wheat Procurement (lakh MT)


1. Punjab 115.00
2. Haryana 75.00
3. Madhya Pradesh 85.00
4. Uttar Pradesh 30.00
5. Rajasthan 17.50
6. Bihar 5.00
7. Uttarakhand 1.50
8. Gujarat 0.50
9. Other States 0.50
                   Total 330.00

In the Conference, the estimate for procurement of paddy grown in Rabi/ Winter/ Summer crop of Kharif Marketing Season 2016-17 for various States were also done in terms of rice. The estimate is 50 lakh MT with State-wise break-up given below.

This estimate is over and above the estimate of 330 lakh MT set for Kharif crop of paddy for KMS 2016-17, for which the procurement operations are going on and the paddy procurement in KMS 2016-17 in terms of rice has already reached to the level of 292.31 lakh MT as reported on 15.02.2017, which is nearly 28 lakh MT higher than the procurement of 264.53lakh MT by the corresponding date in previous year, i.e., KMS 2015-16.

Estimate for paddy procurement in terms of Rice for winter/ summer Crop in KMS 2016-17:- 

Sl. No. State Estimate for Paddy Procurement in terms of Rice (lakh MT)


1. Andhra Pradesh 13.00
2. Telangana 15.00
3. Odisha 7.00
4. Tamil Nadu 5.00
5. Kerala 1.00
6. West Bengal 8.00
7. Assam 0.25
8. Maharashtra 0.75
                    Total 50.00

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